Male/Female Hormone Tests

Hormones are powerful substances that control multiple functions throughout the body. Just as you cannot balance your bank account without numbers on your bank statement, hormone testing provides both a basis for treatment and proximity to your goal.

One Can Then:

  • Customize natural hormone dosing to meet individual needs.
  • Optimize hormone levels for minimum dosing to relieve symptoms and avoid overdosing.
  • Achieve appropriate and compatible physiologic levels of several hormones.
  • Increase the sense of well-being by removing underlying hormone deficits and imbalances.

Male Hormone Panel ( MHP)
Using a saliva sample, the MHP measures seven hormones: DHEA, androstenedione, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, estrone, estradiol and progesterone, plus FSH and LH. The hormone levels in saliva reflect the active tissue exposure and are superior to blood and urine testing for use in diagnosis and treatment.

Why measure male hormones?
Optimal health is dependent on a balance of hormones, not just a single hormone. Currently, men with low androgen hormones can benefit from hormone replacement therapy, improving alertness, feeling of well-being, a reduction in abdominal fat and enhanced lean body mass.

Female Hormone Panel (FHP)
Hormone levels from woman to woman can vary from 200% to 1,500%!
The Female Hormone Panel™ (FHP™) is a non-invasive test consisting of 11 saliva specimens collected during specified time periods throughout the menstrual cycle. The ovaries are a major component of the female reproductive cycle and they release hormones in a cyclical manner which is referred to as the menstrual cycle.

Menopausal Hormone Panel
Literally, menopause means the cessation of the monthly menstrual cycle; it signals the end of a woman’s natural childbearing years. Menopause is neither a disease nor an illness—it is a natural and usually gradual change in glandular function. It has its origins in the beginning of menses and culminates in a series of hormonal changes that result in the cessation of menstrual flow. This transition produces a variety of bodily manifestations and symptoms, due to changes in the production of hormones and the timing of their release. We test for male and female natural hormones. One, two, six or eight of them, depending on your need. We utilize your saliva as a sample for measuring hormones, such as testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, estriol, estrone, estradiol.