Nutrition and Supplementation

One goal of Naturopathic Medicine is to assist you in providing your body with the nutrients you require to maintain health.  This starts with proper nutrition.  When we feed our bodies “dead foods” that supply no value other than to fill our bodies, our bodies start to malfunction.   This malfunction can show up in a number of symptoms: digestive disorders, chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, as well as many diseases.  When we eat a whole food that not only fills our bellies, but feeds our body, we supply the nutrients the different organs require to thrive rather than just survive.

When we eat a clean healthy diet we may be stacking the deck in our favor, but there are other uncontrollable factors that may throw a wrench in the works.  When this happens we must supply the body the required nutrients through supplementation or nutritional IVs.

There are three important factors that play a role in proper nutrition:

  1. Are you eating a clean healthy diet?

If you are not feeding the body the required nutrients to thrive you are only damaging your cells and your body will eventually feel the effects.

  1. Are you digesting these good foods?

When the digestive system lacks proper pH or is overrun by any type of bacteria, virus, or fungus it may struggle to properly digest even the healthiest foods.  When this happens only a portion of what you eat is utilized and the rest is eliminated unused.

  1. Are you absorbing and assimilating these foods once digested?

If you are eating right and digesting your foods, there is just one last important step. Your body must be able to absorb the nutrients and direct them to the proper organs to be used.

If any one of these steps are not functioning properly we must provide the required enzymes or nutrients via IV or pill form until the body is capable of performing these tasks on its own.